Tik Tok Dance Class

Tik Tok Dance Class will provide you to learn the latest and most popular online’s Tik Tok dance. Our professional instructors will break down the steps and teach you how to execute, perfect and precise them. At the beginning of each class, there will be 15-20mins warm up and foundation building to make dance moves more smooth.  After class, there will be a feedback session, each learner will have the chance to ask questions and receive one-to-one corrections from our instructors.

Below are Some Popular Moves in Tik Tok

Tik Tok Dance Class
  • The CitiRokk
  • The Woah
  • The Smeeze
  • The Bust Down
  • The Cosby Walk

Nowadays, dancing is a very popular activity in TikTok. During our TikTok dance lesson, our instructors will cover a variety of popular TikTok dances so that you can create your own videos.

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