Dance Classes For Kids

Our  dance studio offers a wide range of dance classes for kids , including Hip Hop, Jazz, Chinese dance, and Kpop. With our kids dance classes, where your child can discover the joy of dance. Unlike team sports, dance classes are non-competitive and focus on individual improvement rather than winning or losing. This can help boost your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, our experienced instructors will provide a safe and encouraging environment where your kid can explore their passion for dance and develop dancing skills. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced dancer, we have a variety of levels to choose from. Each of our class is designed to help your child build coordination, rhythm, and technique while having fun . Come join us and let your child discover the many benefits of dance.

Our dance studios are available at multiple locations throughout Singapore, including the East, West, and Central regions, to best fit your schedule and location. Each of our locations is equipped with high-quality resources to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience for our students.

Hip Hop Dance Classes For Kids

Our Hip Hop dance classes for kids are the perfect place to start building your child’s hip hop foundation! Our classes will teach your child the hip hop moves and help to develop bouncing and grooving skills. Additionally, our experienced instructors use a combination of fun and challenging techniques to keep your child engaged and motivated throughout the class. Your child will be inspired to learn new hip hop moves and master their grooves with our dynamic classes. 

Kids Hip Hop Dance

Watching our cute kids dancers with their amazing Hip Hop dance skills. Their enthusiasm and love for dance shines through in every step, making for an unforgettable experience.

Kids Hip Hop Dance Program

Our kids Hip Hop dance program is designed specifically for children  focuses on developing their Hip Hop dance skills of all ages. Below are Some of our recommended classes for your consider: 


This class is designed for kids aged 6-12 years old who are just starting to learn hip hop. Kids will learn the basics of hip hop moves, including body isolations, bounces, and grooves, while also building their coordination and rhythm skills.


For kids who want to explore a range of dance styles, our Hip Hop Fusion class incorporates elements of hip hop, and contemporary dance. This class is suitable for kids aged 9-15 years old and is perfect for those looking to expand their dance skills.


For toddlers who want to focus on perfecting their hip hop skills, our Hip Hop Choreography class is a great option. This class is designed for kids aged 12-18 years old and teaches more complex hip hop choreography.

Other Dance Classes For Kids

In addition to our popular hip hop dance classes for kids and toddlers , we offer a wide range of dance styles to cater to your child’s interests.From Chinese dance and Jazz to K-pop, we have something for everyone. Our classes are available for children of all ages and skill levels, so come and discover the joy of dance with us today!

Kids Jazz Dance

In our kids jazz dance class, your child will learn the fundamentals of jazz dance . It  includes turns, kicks, jumps, and isolations.  Jazz dance classes can also provide many benefits for children, including improved physical fitness, coordination, and self-confidence. Jazz dance is a fun and energetic style of dance that incorporates elements of ballet, modern dance, and hip-hop. 

kids performance

In our K-pop dance class , your child will learn a variety of dance techniques and styles that are commonly seen in K-pop music videos . Such as arm ,leg movements, body isolations, and footwork. Your child will learn how to synchronise movements with music, develop stage presence, and express themselves through dance.

Group of kids learning hip hop dance moves in a fun and engaging class in Singapore.

Benefits Of Dance Class For Kids

There are many benefits of dance classes for kids, including:

  1. Improved physical fitness: Dance is a great form of exercise and can help improve a child’s stamina, strength, flexibility, and coordination.
  2. Enhanced cognitive development: Dancing requires a child to remember choreography and synchronize movements with music.It can help improve memory and cognitive skills. 
  3. Increased self-confidence: As a child learns and improves their dance skills, they can develop a sense of achievement .It can carry over to other areas of  life.
  4. Social development: Our dance classes for kids provide a fun  environment for children to interact and make friends. It helps child to develop their social skills and teamwork abilities.

Reasons to Join Our Dance Classes For Kids

At our dance studio, we believe that dance is a powerful tool for kids to develop physical fitness, and self-confidence. There are several reasons why you should choose our kids dance classes:

Experienced Instructors

Our dance instructors have years of experience teaching children of all ages and skill levels. They are passionate about dance and are dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals

location, position, job-1132647.jpg
Convenient Locations

We have multiple locations across Singapore, making it convenient for you to choose a class location that is close to you

Variety of Dance Styles

We offer a wide range of dance styles to choose from, so your child can try different styles and find the one that they enjoy the most. This also helps develop their overall dance skills and knowledge

Fun and Engaging Classes

We believe that dance classes should be fun and engaging for children. That is why we incorporate a variety of age-appropriate activities, games, and challenges into each class. This helps keep your child motivated, interested, and excited to learn

MV Course For Kids

If your child is a fan of K-pop music videos and loves to dance, they might enjoy taking MV (music video) dance courses for kids. MV Dance courses are designed to teach children the dance moves and routines seen in K-pop music videos, and are a fun and exciting way to learn new dance techniques.  Below are educations will covered in our MV Course for kids.

Latest K-Pop & Original Choreography

MV Dance Courses for kids offer an impressive selection of K-Pop and original choreography that’s perfect for child looking to learn the latest dance trends

Facial Expression Training

Our instructors provide engaging facial expression training for kids, They’ll learn how to match their facial expressions to the tempo of the music, We make sure that the training is age-appropriate, and our instructors work with kids to develop their facial expressions in a way that is comfortable for them.

Filming Services

At MV Dance Courses for kids, we offer professional filming and editing services for kids. We understand that showcasing a child’s dance performance can be an important moment for both the child and their family. That is why we offer high-quality video services that capture their hard work.

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